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Health Guarantee

Rolling Hills Puppies


Rolling Hills Puppies (seller) makes the following warranties to buyer, in consideration for the purchase of a puppy.


Seller guarantees that upon arrival and for a period not to exceed 7 days thereafter, puppy is free of any non-stress related condition requiring veterinary treatment.  If puppy requires treatment within the first 7 days of ownership, seller will make payment of up to $200.00 to licensed veterinarian and/or vet clinic.  This payment will only be made to vet clinic upon documentation of the condition and treatment needed to restore puppy to health.   This payment will only be made for the treatment of condition and not the “office call” to diagnose condition, and is limited to the exact cost of treatment with a maximum payment of $200.00


Furthermore, seller warranties that for a period of 2 years from date of purchase, if puppy manifests any congenital or hereditary defects, compensation will be made by seller.  If upon documentation from a licensed veterinarian that a defect has manifested itself, and that defect is truly genetic and not environmentally caused, seller will reimburse buyer one-half of the purchase price of puppy, or offer to replace puppy if replacement is available.


To qualify for these guarantees, buyer must within 1 week of receiving puppy, have it examined by a licensed veterinarian.  Documentation of this exam, along with a signed copy of this guarantee must be returned to Seller.  


This puppy is sold as a companion animal.  Breeding rights are not given, and producing puppies is forbidden.  


No warranty is given as to the size and weight that this puppy will attain.  No warranty is given concerning the level of shedding that this puppy exhibits.  No warranty is given in regards to the temperament of this puppy.


Dated this _____day of ________2020         Sale Price $_____________


                                                                      Rolling Hills Puppies Buyer



Jordan Kooima                                                                        Name: _______________________

2843 Hickory Ave.                                                                  Address: _____________________

Hull, IA 51239                                                                           City: _____________St___Zip_____



Puppy _____________________             

                                                                     Intra-Trac Bordetella      ____________

Birth date ___________________          NeoPar                            ____________

                                                                     Nobivac 1-DAPPv+Cv     ____________

Dam ________ Sire __________            Dewormed w/ Panacur  ____________

                                                                     Pyrantel                           ____________

                                                                     Albon                               ____________

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