Mocha and Bentley

Venmo Username: @JordanKooima

Born: March 23

Go Home Date: May 18

Approx. Mature weight: 25-30lbs

Mocha has had her puppies! She had 2 females and 5 males. Mocha has had a few litters for us. These pups should be a nice medium red in color. They will likely have wavy to curly coats and mature in the 25-30lb range. 


316-4lb. 7oz.

T. Johson

319-5lb. 5oz.

J. Hubin


Deposit List


1. A. Gallwas

2. A. Murphy

3. D. Conrad

4. N. Engleman

5. B. Rivard


315-5lb. 5oz.

317-4lb. 12oz.

318-6lb. 2oz.

A. Murphy

320-5lb. 1oz.

321-4lb. 16oz.

A. Gallwas